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A classic product and a necessity for every home! I love QA hand sanitizer it has a great clean smell. I love how it feels like my hands are getting a good clean and also being disinfected.
Purchaser: Duane Reade
This is wonderful hand Sanitizer it is a great protectant to have with you when you really need it. You could be at school, work, church.
Purchaser: Michelle E.
Perfect Product to have on the go! This little thing fits perfect in your car or in your home. It’s so very easy to use you can use it within seconds and the germs are gone just like that.
Purchaser: Britney B
This hand sanitizer is works great. Sanitizers my hands and leaves them fresh and clean. I would not change anything about this product it works great and smells good. I would definitely recommend it to any one.
Purchaser: Valerie G
The smell of this product is the scent of clean for me. I know that when I am using this that it is keeping me ger-free. It is the product that many hospitals I’ve been to also use so it is a product to be trusted.
Purchaser: Herveline S