Spray Dispenser Adaptor

Spray Dispenser Adaptor

SKU: QA006-S


The product is an accessory for QA dispensers and may not be able to utilise with other products!!


The dispensers are working with thicken liquids (like hand gel sanitisers and commercial soap) not the pure liquid (like alcohol).

If you specifically want to put the pure liquid in, you will need to swap with the spray nozzle.


    QA Hand Gel Dispensers can be simply transferred into hand soap dispensers or toilet seat cleaner units with an adaptor on it.

    QA Dispenser Adaptor offers two different styles: spray or foam adaptors.

    With our range of products, your preferred hand soap can be served to your patrons and staff.








    The Wall mounted dispenser features automatic infrared sensor to avoid cross-infection and ensures an instant Hand Soap available. 

    • Wall mounted & Free standing hand sanitiser available in automatic to dispense adequate amount of liquid.
    • 1200ml Capacity with 1ml preset dosage each time.
  • Sanitiser Spray Adapter

    What to Know about Using a Sanitiser Spray Adapter


    Not all industries (or consumers) prefer to use hand sanitiser in the same way. That’s why we made the decision to offer a sanitiser spray adapter for the hand sanitiser dispensers that we sell. 


    Hand sanitiser comes in multiple forms and potencies. If the sanitiser has a high enough alcohol content (above 60 percent alcohol, per the CDC), it will  be effective in killing viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. The way that the sanitiser is dispensed—as a gel, liquid, or foam—comes down to preference.


    What You Should Know about Hand Sanitiser and Using a Spray Adapter Sanitiser Product


    At QA Chemical, we have put together a dynamic array of products intended to help businesses and organisations choose the optimal sanitiser dispenser format for their purposes and preferences. Here are a few key details to know about using a spray adapter sanitiser, gel dispenser, or foam dispenser adapter: 


    • The sanitiser spray adapter is a must for liquid sanitisers. During COVID-19, many new businesses have entered the hand sanitiser marketplace. Some are making their products in the classic gel formulation while others are producing liquid-based products. If your business is using a liquid-based hand sanitiser, your best option is a spray adapter, which helps you to avoid a situation in which sanitising liquid slides or drips easily off a user’s hands.
    • Healthcare institutions prefer gel. We’ve designed our standard dispenser to dispense either gel-based hand sanitisers or soaps. Gel sanitisers and dispensers tend to be the preferred option for healthcare organisations, and we are an effective choice for sanitising gel for many other industries, too.
    • Foam dispensers are an economical choice. In addition to our spray adapter sanitiser products, we sell an adapter that can dispense gel-based sanitisers as foam. This option is popular for schools, gyms, retail stores, and many other settings. Studies show that consumers generally use less sanitiser to clean their hands when it emerges as a foam versus a gel.


    What to Expect from QA Chemical Regarding Hand Sanitiser Products


    At QA Chemical, we are here to help your business establish more effective health, safety, and hygiene practices considering COVID-19. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:


    • Reliable dispensers and adapters. All our dispensers and adapters incorporate a high-quality build and come with a six-month warranty. We also sell backup batteries for our dispensers to keep them up and running in the months and years to come.
    • CDC-compliant hand sanitiser. In addition to dispensers, adapters, and batteries, we sell hand sanitiser refill packs. With 70 percent alcohol, the sanitiser we sell is fully compliant with CDC guidance on sanitiser potency.
    • Easy shipping. Order from us for quick, no-fuss delivery. If you are based in the Sydney area and your order totals $200 or more, we’ll ship it to you free of charge. Our shipping takes just 1-2 business days for NSW and VIC orders, 2-4 business days in WA and QLD, and 4-7 business days for TAS.


    About QA Chemical


    We are determined to do our part in the fight against COVID-19. We know that businesses in Australia and beyond are working hard to establish new safety protocols right now, and we are here to help. Contact us today to get started.