Foam Dispenser Adaptor

Foam Dispenser Adaptor

SKU: QA006-F


The product is an accessory for QA dispensers and may not be able to utilise with other products!!


The dispensers are working with thicken liquids (like hand gel sanitisers and commercial soap) not the pure liquid (like alcohol). It dispenses gel/soap drips.

If you specifically want to dispense foam liquid, you will need to swap with the foam nozzle.


    QA Hand Gel Dispensers can be simply transferred into hand soap dispensers or toilet seat cleaner units with an adaptor on it.

    QA Dispenser Adaptor offers two different styles: spray or foam adaptors.

    With our range of products, your preferred hand soap can be served to your patrons and staff.








    The Wall mounted dispenser features automatic infrared sensor to avoid cross-infection and ensures an instant Hand Soap available. 

    • Wall mounted & Free standing hand sanitiser available in automatic to dispense adequate amount of liquid.
    • 1200ml Capacity with 1ml preset dosage each time.
  • Sanitiser Dispenser Foam Adapter

    Improve Your Santisation Setup with a Sanitiser Dispenser Foam Adapter


    If you want the hand sanitiser dispensers at your business to dispense a foam rather than a liquid, you will need to install a sanitiser dispenser foam adapter. At QA Chemical, we offer a reasonably priced foam adapter for sanitiser dispensers that you can use to modify the dispensers that we sell. This product is designed to work specifically with QA Chemical supplies and will provide a reliable way to shift your dispensers from a liquid or gel drip to a foam dispenser.


    The Benefits of Using a Sanitiser Dispenser Foam Adapter


    When you purchase a bottle of hand sanitiser, it is in a liquid or gel form, but there are specific benefits of using a foam adapter sanitiser attachment to change the way that your dispensers release sanitiser. These include:


    • Conserving sanitiser. Foaming dispense attachments have become popular for both liquid soap and hand sanitiser over the years, largely because they cut down on waste. Studies show that people use less soap or sanitiser to wash their hands when it appears in a foam state than a liquid or gel state. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the average person washes or sanitises their hands much more frequently than they once did, using a sanitiser dispenser foam adapter can allow businesses to get more uses out of each sanitiser package, saving money in the process.
    • Consumers may prefer it. Some studies show that consumers prefer lathering soaps and hand sanitisers simply because they like the texture and feel of them. If the goal is to encourage maximum hygiene and hand-washing compliance, then opting for foam with your hand sanitiser dispensers is a simple way to do so.
    • It’s easier to use. Gel or liquid hand sanitiser can easily slide or drip off the hands, leading to the waste of materials. In some facilities, drips of hand sanitiser on the floor can also leave marks or cause damage. Foam sanitiser clings to the hands better and is typically easier to spread and apply than liquid sanitiser.


    What Sets QA Chemical Apart Regarding Foam Adapter Sanitiser Dispensers?


    At QA Chemical, we are here to help your business or organisation with all the hand sanitiser needs that it may have. Here are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors:


    • Our affordable products. We started this business in response to the coronavirus pandemic with the primary goal of helping businesses to adopt healthier hygiene practices so that they could do their part in protecting public health. We keep our products affordable—especially our foam dispenser adapters—because we don’t want these protections to be cost-prohibitive. Most of our products are also eligible for the NSW $500 small business rebate program.
    • Our warranty coverage. We back all our dispensers with a six-month warranty to give businesses confidence that our products aren’t cheaply made and won’t break after just a few months of use.
    • Our potency. The CDC has recommended that customers seek out sanitiser that is at least 60 percent alcohol to combat COVID-19. We only sell hand sanitiser that is at least 70 percent alcohol. 


    Why Trust QA Chemical Regarding Hand Sanitiser or Sanitiser Dispenser Foam Adapter Products?


    Hand washing remains one of the key ways to protect health and limit the spread of coronavirus. It will likely remain one of the best available defences until there is a vaccine for this virus. 


    At QA Chemical, we take our work very seriously because we know that the simple act of washing hands can save lives during this difficult time. We design our products to make the process easier and more user-friendly. Contact us today to learn more.