Countertop Dispenser

Countertop Dispenser

Office Solution: Touchless automatic hand sanitiser dispenser can be used for gel or liquid handwash or hand sanitiser.Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria without the need for water, or having to touch any surfaces or objects.The Desktop Hand Sanitiser Station is perfect for placing at reception of your company, main entrance of your office, retail store, restaurant, child care, gym, bank and medical centre. Allow your guests to instantly sanitise their hands using the automatic touch free hand sanitiser system.

    Drip Tray and Batteries included.

    Dimensions for the dispenser are:11cm*10.5cm*25.5cm. WEIGHT : 1.6kg.

    Dispensers are operated with either 4* type C batteries.

    6-Months Warranty.



    The automatic dispenser features automatic infrared sensor to avoid cross-infection and ensures an instant Hand Sanitiser available .

    • 1000ml Capacity with 1ml preset dosage each time.
    • Our automatic hand sanitiser is perfect with our QA alcohol-based hand sanitiser Gel, but is capable with all other kinds of sanitiser gels and commercial hand soaps as well.

    Variations:  The out-of-factory nozzle dispense drops and is suitable for both hand gel and soap.

    option 1: Spray nozzle for sanitiser liquid like alcohol.

    option 2: Foam nozzle: to extend the function of dispensing soaps.



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  • Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

    An Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser is an Essential in a Public Space

    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, hand hygiene has come to the forefront of the battle and magnified the necessity for an automatic sanitiser dispenser. Every public building, whether it’s a restaurant, office and other frequently used places, should install a sanitiser dispenser to promote a healthier and safer environment. QA Chemical stocks several solutions that can help you to increase the hygiene on your premises.

    The Importance of an Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

    Bacteria and germs are everywhere and can spread from one human being to the next. We often touch several surfaces during the course of the day, which is where the transfer of bacteria occurs. Think about a school and the lack of hygiene associated with children. As much as they practice it at home when surrounded by friends, hygiene is the furthest thing from their minds, spreading colds and flu sweeping. Even though adults adopt better hygiene practices, we also transfer germs by not using a proper sensor soap dispenser. 



    • In the workplace, there are millions of bacteria particles on various surfaces. With people constantly in meetings and shaking hands, it’s easy for germs to transfer from one colleague to another. Unfortunately, this leads to workers taking sick days to recover from illnesses which negatively affect productivity. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), hand sanitisers are the best tools to stop the spread of germs and reduce illnesses. 
    • When you’re hosting a public event, guests don’t have the time to consider hygiene as they’re enjoying the festivities. Hence, it’s imperative that as the host, you install a no-touch sanitiser dispenser to provide your guests with a quick, one-stop solution for their hand hygiene. As a result, hands are clean, and there is a significant reduction in the health risk.


    What You Should Know About a Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitiser


    Since the inception of COVID-19, the cleanliness of our hands is under the spotlight. When we touch germ-infested surfaces and then unknowingly touch our faces, we place ourselves at risk of being infected. When stepping out of your home, it’s highly recommended that you use an effective hand sanitiser in the absence of soap and water.


    • Washing your hands with soap and water doesn’t kill germs but simply removes them. Effectively rubbing your hands together creates friction that bacteria can’t withstand. The effectiveness of this procedure is heavily dependent on the method you employ. Studies suggest that only around 60 percent of people wash their hands using the correct technique. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers kill germs immediately, and scientists have recommended it to ward off the coronavirus. 
    • We’ve determined the difference between washing your hand with soap and water and using hand sanitiser. When at home, you should wash your hand for a minimum of 30 seconds while scrubbing all sections of your hands. Once you enter a public space, hand sanitisers take precedence due to their germ-killing abilities. Hence, you find a wall-mounted dispenser in hospitals or old aged homes to kill the bacteria immediately. 
    • Scientists suggest using hand sanitisers with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol as it’s most likely to eliminate germs that cause disease. Furthermore, you must adopt the correct technique for the hand sanitiser to be effective. Always ensure you squeeze enough liquid on your palm to cover the area of both hands. Rub it in gently, paying close attention to your fingertips as they come into contact with the majority of surfaces. After 20 seconds, the liquid should dry out, which completes the process. 


    It’s important to note that disinfectants are not for cleaning human hands, thus have no effects in eradicating the germs on your palms. Additionally, several people have tried boosting the alcohol content of their sanitiser by adding rubbing alcohol to the mix, which will not make the liquid more powerful. 


    Consider These Factors When Installing a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


    As you navigate a new normal in a time when coronavirus has changed the world, you must implement measures to protect your employees and guests. Aside from the current pandemic, workers that use alcohol-based sanitisers at least five times a day were less likely to fall ill than others who merely washed their hands. It’s critical to consider the positioning of a hand sanitiser holder and soap dispenser on your premises. 


    • Research shows that bacteria on a doorknob or handle is responsible for 40 to 60 percent of the illnesses in an office environment. Apart from disinfecting these high touch areas, having an automatic hand sanitiser at the entrance and exits are a proactive way to reduce the spread of germs. 
    • Ingesting bacteria is highly possible and probably the fastest way to falling ill as a result of the germs. It occurs around canteens, break rooms and food courts. Any food consumed with hands that are laden with germs poses a serious health risk that should be dealt with effectively. Installing a hand sanitiser pump in these areas are critical to improving the hygiene of food intake. 
    • Some studies have demonstrated that the keyboard, mouse and work desk have the most bacteria in an office. Perhaps it’s a result of poor hygiene in other areas around the building, but it eventually lands at the desk. Since workers use these tools for the majority of the day, a sanitiser station nearby will encourage employees to squeeze some sanitiser onto their hands frequently. 


    Other areas such as airport terminals, malls, banks and other institutions must adopt similar strategies to ensure the safety of patrons and workers alike. If there had to be a silver lining on this coronavirus cloud, it’s that the world is now improving its daily hygiene practices.


    Why Trust QA Chemicals Regarding an Auto Sanitiser Dispenser


    We are a company that prioritises hygiene and as such, have developed a range of premium sanitiser products for public spaces. The need for hand sanitisers has naturally surged since the coronavirus outbreak, and we’re capable of providing you with sufficient supplies to ensure the safety of your employees and clients. Our hand sanitiser contains 70 percent alcohol and is hospital grade, proven to kill germs. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and has not been tested on animals. 


    We combine our products to offer you complete solutions to suit your style of business. Additionally, if you’re a small business that is embracing the new culture of automatic hand sanitisers, you could qualify for a rebate of up to $500. Browse our products online, gauge which is best suited for you and add them to your cart. After using one of the payment methods available, we’ll endeavour to dispatch your package within three business days. All orders of more than $89 qualify for free shipping within the Sydney metro while we also deliver to any location around Australia, excluding NT. 


    Inspect the options we have available including kitchen, bathroom and restaurant sanitisers, especially if you require bulk solutions. As a result, we’d love to see co-operation from huge businesses to small and micro ones, working together to create safer spaces for employees. Contact us if you’d like more information on what products you need advice on or if you have any questions.