stand station automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

stand station automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

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Batteries and hand sanitisers are not included. We do supply the Type C Alkaline batteries that can be used up to 60000 times. check the product.


Stand +Dispenser. Please purchase the package from the TYPE option.

Stand only. The product is an accessory for QA dispensers and may not be able to utilise with other dispensers.






    The stand height is adjustable, ranging from 1.2m to 1.6m. The stand base is 31cm (diameter). WEIGHT: 9KG

    Dimensions: Dimensions for the stand are: 69cm*31.3cm*15cm.

    6-Months Warranty.



    The freestanding station ensures an instant Hand Sanitiser available anywhere. This stand is ideal for high traffic areas or where there are crowd gatherings.

    • Wall-mounted & Freestanding dispensers available in automatic to dispense adequate amount of the antibacterial liquid.
    • 1200mls Capacity with 1ml preset dosage each time.
    • Our automatic hand sanitiser is perfect with our QA alcohol-based hand sanitiser Gel, but is capable with all other kinds of sanitiser gels and commercial hand soaps as well
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  • Dispenser Stand

    A Dispenser Stand and Sanitiser Gel Protect Your Employees and Family


    Placing a dispenser stand at your home or office helps protect your employees and your family from harmful germs. QA Chemical provides the highest quality sanitiser gel and dispensers. Discover why so many clients return for our affordable prices and quality products. 


    Benefits of a Sanitiser Station


    The best way to avoid spreading germs, especially in times of COVID, is to wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol, or 70% alcohol like ours. Learn why placing a free-standing sanitiser dispenser can be beneficial to those around you.


    • Harmful bacteria can live almost anywhere. You want your employees to know that they will feel protected from disease when they return to work. A sanitiser floor stand placed strategically throughout the workplace will help eliminate germs and potentially avoid spreading gastrointestinal and respiratory infections between co-workers. Employees may feel safer in the workplace, knowing they have access to sanitisers even when there isn’t soap or water nearby.
    • An automatic sanitiser stand may be just the item to add to a child’s birthday party. It would be fun to watch it release the gel, and the added benefits of clean hands are apparent. A child can be a significant germ factory, especially when they spend time with other children, and having a sanitiser station may be a helpful way to reduce sickness.
    • While most people are not participating in large events, there will be events on a smaller scale. Organisers will be more prepared if they have sanitiser stations placed wherever there are groups of people, whether at churches, schools, or athletic events, which will leave everyone with a better sense of security. 


    Problems a Portable Hand Sanitiser Stand Addresses


    No matter what you are doing or where you are going, it is now more essential than ever to keep your hands clean and free of germs. 


    • Our gel kills 99.99% of germs fast. When there isn’t soap and water in your garage or the car when you are running an errand, rubbing your hands with our gel will help protect you. It is a fast and easy solution to help you stay germ-free and to avoid sharing germs with others that you love or with whom you come in contact.
    • Our gels add better protection for you in the kitchen when you are unloading groceries or accepting a food delivery. You can use the solution after picking up the mail or receiving packages dropped off by delivery trucks. You may want to place a portable stand at the entrance to your home to remind your children to stop and kill germs before entering the house. 
    • Our gel contains moisturisers, which leave your hands feeling soft. People are spending more time than ever washing their hands and using sanitisers. Having the added moisturiser can be a luxury. It is also not sticky and air-dries quickly so you can be on your way before you know it. 


    About QA Chemical


    We are passionate about providing you with the best products. Our hand sanitiser is hospital grade and will keep you, your family, and your employees protected. Our stands are excellent vessels to dispense the gel without touching it, and each one we sell has a six-month warranty. Please contact us with any questions.


    Start today by keeping your family and employees protected with our gels and stands.